BIG NEWS!! James Richard OHara has been born!!
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See some new pictures of Dixie

We spent 10 days in Hawaii, half on Ohau
and the other half on the Big Island of Hawaii
5 Days in Oahu 5 Days on the Big Island

Wedding Photos!

June 27, 2009. The happiest day of our lives.

Click Here for Wedding Photos.

Greetings from Niagara Falls!

Here are a couple of clips from Niagara Falls

Here is a video from Niagara Falls (MVI_0310.avi - 22Mb)

Here is a video from Niagara Falls (MVI_0334.avi - 28Mb)

Click Here to photos from
our September 2007 trip to San Francisco.

Click Here to see Jen and I.

Click image to see pictures from DC from May 2005.

Click Here to see pictures of
The Gates of Central Park.

Click Here to see pictures from
Summer at Niagara Falls

Click Here to see pictures from the spring of 2004
when Mike and I went to the NYC Auto Show
and San Diego.

Click Here To See Pictures
From My 2003 Summer Vacations

Click the image to the right
to go to the pictures from
Mike and Gregs summer vacation to DC.

Older Galleries:

Santa Monica
Last Days in Tucson
Cross Country Trip
New York City

To the left is my nephew Mike,
at the New York State fair.

Here is an example of the
wildlife in Tucson.
I found this critter on
my bathroom floor one day.

This is the roof of
Bank One Ballpark
in Phoenix opening after a game.

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